Vitamins To Help Produce More Semen

Men often wonder what vitamins to eat that help to produce more semen volume.

The 3 main vitamins you should replace after ejaculating are Zinc, Manganese & Magnesium. These are the main vitamins used for semen production besides water. So on top of eating more vitamins to help produce more semen you should also make sure you’re drinking plenty of fresh clean water.

The best food source for zinc are foods high in protein like turkey, lobster, chicken, beef, lamb, salmon or pork if you are a carnivore. For vegetarians you can increase your intake of dairy like cheese, yoghurt and milk products as well as eating whole wheat bread beans or peanuts. Pumpkin seeds are a very concentrated form of eating zinc as a vitamin to help produce more semen.

Good food sources for high amounts of manganese are pineapple, chickpeas, pecans and raspberries. If you enjoy vegetables than you can consider spinach, sweet potato or okra for high amounts of manganese as one of the vitamins that help to produce more semen volume.

Magnesium is found in eggplant, corn, mozzarella cheese, bananas, tofu, salmon & shrimp.

Zinc in form of zinc oxide has shown to improve not only the amount of semen but also the sperm motility by up to 200% which is very beneficial to help the testosterone synthesis which is why eating foods rich in zinc or zinc vitamin enriched products also help to produce more semen.

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