How To Produce More Semen Without Pills

Instead of producing more semen using semen pills one can consider to use natural supplements that are formulated to produce more semen with ingredients like zinc oxide, L-carnitine, L-arginine and others that have been found to be able to increase your natural semen production.

So if you’re wondering how to produce more semen without pills you can also consider eating more foods known to stimulate the semen production and to be beneficial with producing thicker semen.

Some of the foods that produce more semen are avocados, almonds, celery and nuts. You should look for foods that are rich in vitamins that help to produce more semen like Magnesium, Zink and Manganese.

Our preferred method how to produce more semen without pills fast and safe is to use the Semenax supplement formula which contains a high concentration of vitamins that are known to help with producing more semen naturally.

Don’t use semen pills that just contain extracted amino acids from foods but rather eat those foods directly. A natural semen pill supplement however contains a highly condensed form of natural amino acid substances like horny goat weed, maca or catuaba bark.

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