Foods That Make You Produce More Semen

The topic of foods that produce more semen reviewed

When it comes to the issue about finding foods that produce more semen one of the first things you will find is the topic of amino acids.  Studies have shown that they can increase the amount of ejaculate when they are consumed in higher doses on a regular basis.

Amino acids in combination with food high in zinc seems to be a diet that will help with your sperm count and make you produce more semen naturally.

Some of the typical amino acids you are looking for are L-lysine which is also known to stimulate the testosterone production or epimedium sagittatum also known as horny goat weed which is a botanical used to boost testosterone as well as libido in order to also achieve a stronger ejaculation.

The already mentioned zinc in form of zinc oxide has been shown to be able to increase the sperm motility by up to 200%.  A brazilian herb that also strengthens the libido and is used to support the male reproductive system is called catuaba bark. L-carnitine is another amino acid you could eat as food to make you produce more semen especially if you want to increase the percentage of highly motile sperm.

Then there is also another form of foods that produce more semen which is not as exotic called pumpkin seeds. They support the hormonal production as well as the overall prostate health and taste really good on top of it. For more botanicals that boost potency, energy and libido you can try the south american maca.

Another more “local” food to produce more semen is the well known celery. Eat it raw to preserve as much of its androsterone as possible to benefit from its sexual stimulative properties. It is a hormone that invites women odorless.

Some more foods that produce more semen are almonds, bananas, avocados and nuts in general.

If you want to focus on eating zinc rich foods you can indulge in oysters.

Proteins in foods that produce more semen

In order to thicken up the semen on top of just producing more of it you can consider foods with high protein content like wheat germ, selenium rich foods, egg whites and omega-3 containing oils.

A good food supplement that contains much of the above mentioned ingredients is Semenax which can help you speed up the goal you’re striving for with foods that produce more semen.

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